Monday, July 21, 2008

I've decided to blog . . . with a little help!

My sister, Laura, decided that I'm really an inspiring person and to set up a blog for me so that I can share with friends, family, and others what I can do. I live in a small town in eastern Washington with my parents. I work at my dad's pharmacy a few times a week shredding paper, cleaning the soda fountain, and sometimes pricing items. I also work at our library in town, helping people check out books and putting books away. During the school year, I work at a preschool, helping kids play and have snack. My jobs are fine, but I mostly like to attend Church. I love singing worship music, and I used to be in the church choir, but we don't have one anymore. I also just love hanging out with all of my friends from church. Now that it is summertime, I love to go to the city pool almost everyday and swim! I can swim by myself and even jump off the diving board! I love to talk to moms and their kids.

I am able to stay at home for a few hours by myself. I help around the house by emptying the dishwasher, making my bed, putting clean clothes away, and setting the table. When my mom has a foster baby at our house, I help a lot with that. I LOVE babies and children! All in all, I'm a happy woman who loves the Lord, loves my family and loves friends! I love to talk to people too!